Proslat Wall Panel, White - Your Choice

Great reviews (4.7 out of 5.0) on the 88102 model over at

links to the racks and shelves don’t work

Reviews over at The Home Depot

Sorry bout that! Those will be fixed up in the AM.

Can regular slatwall shelves and accessories be used with the Proslat system?

does it come with any of the hooks/pegs? Or are you just getting a slotted sheet? What is the cost of the hooks to understand the total cost?

Bought these the last time they were on woot as a package, and I absolutely love them!

I haven’t even finished putting up the last box from that woot.

Panels are super easy to install, and very strong. Only issue I had is that one of the packages was open on one end, which just so happens to be the end that has all the screws and stuff…

Picture of my partial install…

Just bought 3 more boxes, and think I will extend up the wall 5 more slats.

Need to know this as well! Can’t find a reference anywhere so guessing it doesn’t come with any hooks?

Worst woot of my entire woot life. I would only recommend these if you are planning to hang some feathers, or cotton candy on them.

I’ve installed these products - high quality - retail, a little pricey, I wait for additional products to hit the Woot to purchase, hooks, etc.

Look here for more info:

I bought 3 sets of the last Proslat Woot, and have about 2/3 of it up. If installed properly, they can hold a good bit of weight, and are a nice option rather than drywall over unfinished studs. They’re a small cost premium over finished drywall, but immensely more functional.

Check here AND here.

This offer specifically is just the panels.

Hit up craigslist for slatwall. I did an entire garage for $300 from a liquidator who had tons of it. $100 for one panel? ewwwww!