Prospera 12V/AC Kneading Massage Cushion

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Prospera 12V/AC Kneading Massage Cushion
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I am dying to hear more about this. does anyone who received this in their BofC want to sing its praises?

The 37 comments from the first time it was offered on woot are strongly positive overall; a couple of users express negative opinions of its hardness (saying it shouldn’t be called a “cushion”) and difficulty of keeping it in position.

On Amazon, where it’s $40 + tax, it has 4 out of 5 stars after 300+ reviews.

Is it only me, but does look like something else? Something to calm most males?

I bought this item for my wife after reading the positive reviews. She really likes it. She says it the best massage device she has used. She really likes it for her back.

I bought TWO of them some time ago, one for the house and one for the car. I love it. On long car rides it helps relax my shoulders, which I tend to hunch up. At home, I’ve used it for those same shoulders, all over my back, neck, and even hamstrings that were sore after a new workout. The kneaders dig in pretty hard, depending on how much pressure you put against them.

For those of you hinting slyly at some “alternative uses,” methinks it would hurt - those kneading bumps are not cushioned at all.

Gotta admit. I am seeing the same thing.

When my wife said no to hiring a Swedish masseuse, I bought one of these when it was offered here previously.

This things works great from the neck/shoulders all the way down to the lower back. It’s helped me a LOT with recent back pains.

I would recommend this. It’s only $20 - you don’t have much to lose, and lots to gain.

Bought the last time around and I love it. It does walk a little if it’s not secured but in the car it hasn’t been a problem at all. This can give you a serious kneading if you require a lot of pressure, and it’s nice that it switches directions There is very little padding between the things that move and your back/neck/shoulders. Mine came with two different plugs–one regular ac adapter for home use, and one that plugs into the car…so convenient! For $20, you might as well try it…

At first glance, I thought this was the world’s ugliest bra.

I got one of these months ago in a Bag of Crap. It was surprisingly relaxing.

I bought one quite a while ago and I think it has been about my most favorite Woot!

Works great, surprisingly strong kneading. I start out leaning back on it on the coach with it up around my neck/shoulder blades, then lean up a little and let it slip down a couple inches then keep doing that until it hits the lumbar area. Really works great. I haven’t tried it in the car as it seems like it will push me too far forward in the seat and I mostly use it for the shoulder area.

I got this on a prior Woot and I was so glad I did. I used to get neck/shoulder pain pretty constantly and those other massage gadgets don’t do anything for it. This guy is really great. I lay on it on my bed and it hits the right spots in the neck, top shoulders, shoulders, back. I also can angle it so it gets where the neck meets the head. Mmm. I agree that it is no “cushion” with it’s hardness but I’d rather it be hard and I can put another layer over it to soften it, than it to be too soft. I like it to really get in those muscles.

I paid nearly twice this much on Amazon, and still consider it a good purchase (and I’m cheap). I have a massage seat I like for my back, but it doesn’t reach the neck area, so this little gem takes care of that. It’s a little difficult to maneuver, but worth the effort.

Boo. Just received mine, and 1 of the 4 massage heads is dislodged and loose in the case. Anyone else have this kind of quality issue? Judging by the positive responses, I’m really hoping for a replacement instead of a refund.

Sorry to hear that it came that way… Mine worked… a little too well, I tried it, and it threw my back out… I’ve been in pain for 3 days now… :confused:

Mine broke the second time I used it!! Sending it back…Shame, too, because it really was rather powerful.