Prospera 12V/AC Kneading Massage Cushion

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Prospera 12V/AC Kneading Massage Cushion
Price: $17.99
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Condition: New


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Fantastic little device. It’s strong (so you might prefer a little cloth between it and you), slow, and surprisingly quiet.

I use mine. It helps relax my lower back. It does knead very hard and can cause bruising if over used. It is still better than back spasms and has fewer side effects than drugs.
I don’t know why it has a 12V adapter. I could not use this while driving. I would keep pressing and releasing the gas pedal.

Solid Reviews over at Wayfair

The Manual is included under Specs.

Way to ruin my quality post wording. :tongue:

I’ve been using it for past few years. Really good. Since I already have one I don’t need this, but this is really good bargain.

One of the best inventions ever. Amazingly strong and works perfectly with a leather IKEA Poang chair at my house. Am buying another at this price…

This is a fantastic deal for this thing! We’ve had ours for a couple years now and it’s still going strong. No signs of wear - and I have been using it a LOT lately due to an issue with my shoulder. You wont regret buying one!

Two words: Lunch break

My wife will love it with her new chainsaw and external hard drive. This is going to be a great Christmas!

i bought this almost 2 years ago although it does feel great …when it works then it suddenly stops and wont work for awhile almost like its over heating and this is well before the 15min max they say to use it for

No. But maybe a passenger in the car with you would like it.

I will be happy to look at the reviews at Wayfair. However, I am not buying anything from Wayfair anymore. Either Wayfair or Amazon made a 3-inch measuring mistake on a Trixie pet ramp (the ramp is 3 inches shorter than they said) and then neglected to say that the “non-slip surface” is made of sandpaper (really!). But Wayfair wants me to pay for the return. I don’t think so.

I HATE Woot-offs! Sometimes I don’t even notice for days when Woot returns to normal.

My husband loves this thing. But he falls asleep with it on his neck and then it leaves sore spots. Still, better than the headache before the massager.