Prospera 12V/AC Kneading Massage Cushion

Bought this last time it came up and was REALLY surprised at how deeply it massages.
Be careful when you use it! I enjoyed it a little too much and let it knead my back from probably much longer than the directions allowed (didn’t read directions, to be honest since I was trying it out on a whim). My skin felt tender and bruised the next morning.
You know those massaging shiatsu chairs the nail salons have? This little thing is THAT strong and can physically push you forward.
Well worth the price point today.

Ja fee well worth it for the current price. And my fiancé had a similar experience first time he used it, and same reason, used it longer than directions say to. He felt sore und bruised and his skin was also red/ inflamed. He used it against bare skin and the mesh surface basically had a rug burn kind of result. So be careful how long you use it and don’t use it against bare skin. hth

I bought this when it was offered before. I love it. It is smaller than other massage cushions I have used which is fine for me (a 5’5" female) but might be too small for a person with a large frame.

I bought one of these a while back and it’s still going strong! I have some back and neck issues and this is a huge help along with my physio and trigger-point release stuff. The knobs are really hard but it feels GOOD and I overdid it the first time and felt bruised the next day, but since then I’ve figured out how to make it work while I’m sitting at my desk or in bed without doing too much. I love the reversible directions as sometimes one way doesn’t feel great and instead of having to flip it, I just flip the switch. It’s pretty quiet, too – I don’t mind using it in our open-plan office (nor do my coworkers, more importantly!), it’s not as loud as the kettles or keurigs nearby. The cord is also a decent length!

Thank you for the comments, I have decided to get one.

Highly recommended! It must be mentioned: this is the QUIETEST massage device of any kind I’ve ever tried – barely any sound. It could be used in bed right next to a light sleeper and never bother them. Yes, it’s very strong, but a cloth between you and it fixes that nicely.