Prospera Massager



So am I supposed to knead those beauties or the other way around?


I’d say about a 34A…


So glad to read the comments. I moused over the link a little too quickly and thought this was a bra with some really weird nips.


Question? So,.is this just for the car? I see it says the power input is a cigarette lighter adaptor. Does it have any sort of input for a home plug (120v ac) ?

(random ironic comment: If this is made for use in a car, why is it in the woot ”HOME” category? Do I see a possibility for a new Woot category here? )


$68 plus shipping on Amazon…anyone have reviews or personal use info?


4 1/2 Stars on Amazon based on 32 reviews.


In the description it states…
“Can be used for vehicle, office and home settings”
One of the pictures shows an A/C adapter, as well as the cigarette adapter.


I can vouch for this brand. I have one of their pulse electrode massagers for my carpal tunnel and it works extremely well and has held up over the 6 months I’ve used it. Very powerful–so much so that can’t use on full strength. It shocked me.


I tried one out at Bed Bath and Beyond and it really felt good. I’m going to get one for my daughter who has back troubles and see if it helps her. If not, I’ll take it back… I’m not too proud, Indian Giver Me.


Dangit! Bought this on Amazon for more than twice the amount a few weeks back. This massager is awesome. Using it n my lower back as I type this.


Looks like a bra for C3PO!


It has an AC power adapter for home use. Look at the second photo. The fact that it also works in a car is a big selling point for this model. Most other shiatsu massagers draw too much energy to be used used in a car. My fear is that the motors won’t be powerful enough to handle a lot of weight.


Hah. I’m actually considering buying one to put over my chest as part of a Halloween costume. Sort of a drag Madonna meets Barbarella thing. This is the only shiatsu massager I’ve seen that can operate at 12V (aka batteries) and it’s relatively light at 3lbs.


You might consider a full back shiatsu massager if you plan to use it mostly on your back. Having the balls move up and down your entire back – not to mention heat – really makes a difference. You can also stop the vertical movement to focus on a particular area. The Homedics 700 even has a joystick so that you can move the balls to a very specific area. Woot has sold the Oregon Scientific 3D full back shiatsu massager for about $49. The motor is much more powerful than this but it’s less portable.


We tested over 10 models of those EMS massagers and the Propera model was actually one of the worse, for many reasons. For one thing, analog dials are very imprecise and even dangerous. It was only middling, in terms of apparent strength.


a prostate massager?


Who is “we?” An unattributed nod to having “tested” them with no reference to your source or expertise makes your claim dubious.
(Maybe you said previously?)


I hope you didn’t pay the currently listed price of $999


whew. Moused over and showed a bigger picture, actually looked to make sure no one was watching what I was doing! hahahaha