Prospera Percussion Penguin Massager

Let the jokes begin…

**Item: **Prospera Percussion Penguin Massager
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Yeah, anytime Woot sells anything with ‘penguin’ in the title, the juvenile humor begins. C’mon guys, grow up. They’re just birds.

It will massage you really long time and huge to relax those hard to reach “areas”.

And… in the first couple minutes - only selling in California. Why are those folks so interested in penguins? Maybe they secretly wish for Antarctic weather?

Lets be honest about this. It’s a vibrator. It’s for sexual purposes. Going all Brookstone about doesn’t change it’s purpose.


Oh My~



I can’t believe how many Amazon reviews are from people that actually use the thing for their back and shoulders. I had no idea people actually used personal massagers for that stuff!

@lichme and conan
I nuked your guys’ Amazon links, both were reviews for the wrong model. Today’s offer is the PL888, Amazon apparently only offers the PL008.

My immediate, absolutely mature reaction…

I almost went for it and then noticed it’s corded. I’d probably get all tangled up and have to call for help. No Thanks!

I know many women who would sing the praises of these massagers. But be warned, it apparently causes a bit of pain after a while. I hear them screaming a lot after a few minutes. But it seems to be worth it, as they always come back with a smile on their faces. It’s also apparently good for repeated day-to-day use.

All “non manufacturers intended use” jokes aside…

Are those red lights heat or infrared? I didn’t see it in the spec or write up?

Ahh… I see infrared heat, but does that mean you flip it and use that side for the heat? I don’t see how the infrared would help being on the top.

To keep your husbands hands warm while he’s “massaging you” of course :slight_smile:

And here I was, thinking it was actually for back muscles. But for “other” uses, it sure looks BIG…

Any previous Woot massagers that are really for back/neck use that work? Something I can perhaps look forward to seeing again for sale?

According to the PL888 doesn’t exist, only the PL008?? I’m curious if this is a typo on Woot’s part or it is indeed a different unit cause I can’t find anything on the PL888 online.

Also, is it just me or does the unit in the first 2 pics look slightly different than the unit in the other pics?? So confused…

You wouldn’t want the business end of this massager down there. It doesn’t just vibrate. It actually moves, simulating a deep tissue massage.

If it has a cord, it’s probably a real massager. Not that it couldn’t be used as a “personal” massager, but one of those vibrating wands would be a better idea.

Seriously though, it’s a great massager. I don’t know what the infrared is about. Otherwise, it works well. The shape is very good for reaching the back. The handle has an ingenuous split in it, which makes that easier and is the key feature in my mind.