Prospera Percussion Penguin Massager

**Item: **Prospera Percussion Penguin Massager
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Check out these comments from when this was sold in July

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At this price, I can now be officially DONE with my Christmas shopping! Thanks, woot! In for 3…

Who knew penguins were into this?


I really wanted to wait until the morning to purchase this (just in case a new plus deal came up that I wanted) but after seeing the sales stats I wasn’t sure it would last. I just ordered one for my aching shoulder. Pair this with my TheraPearl neck wrap and I think I will be feeling pretty good!

its a vib …rator

Agree - did not know penguins needed a massage and why on earth is this not battery operated then? Good luck getting them to sit still by an outlet! FAIL!

I read gmarian’s comment from the June 12th woot sale.

I laughed so hard, coffee almost shot out of my nose.

I doubt gmarian is a woman.

In for one.

FYI, this is also known as the Distress TOny Little Percussion Massager. In fact, a label with this name remains on the handle. Generally good reviews on Amazon, resulting in 4/5 stars. Unfortunately, no one commented on the fact that there is no infrared heat, only a bunch of red LEDs that do nothing.

I think my penguin would stand on it until it hatched.

Penguin Percussion??

But, but, but I don’t HAVE a penguin. What good would the thing for me? Plus if you DID use it for personal massage, wouldn’t that be “stretching” the point?

Just askin’.

Would get this for the wife’s Xmas present but not unless Woot can guarantee that they will have a penguin on sale for her to use it on before then

I was wondering when Penguins were going to get their own massager. We all know its a hard life for them.

I’m holding out for the RABBIT massager.

Purchased 1 a few months ago. Powerful and good for deep tissue massage. Infrared does not seem especially useful. In for 3 more for my Penguin-less relatives. :slight_smile:

Don’t confuse this with the Hitachi unless you want some bruised bits.