Prospera PL009 Electronic Pulse Massager

Bought one of these last time it was offered. Love it and it works nearly as good as my chiropractor’s tens unit. You can’t go wrong for the price!

I got one of these in a Bag of Crap and it really helped me out when I pulled my hamstring. I’d buy one if woot didn’t give me one already.

I bought this last time it was available and I’ve used it six or seven times so far for a sore knee, pulled hamstring, and an extremely stiff neck and shoulder. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot but this thing may be one of the greatest things ever invented. I’m tempted to buy another one just to make sure I’m never without.

I love this thing. Fun toy. Its also good for sore muscles after an intense workout. Never had any luck with like sprained/swollen joints but thats not what i got it for so i might be doing it wrong. Oh yea did i mention its a really fun toy

Are the pads disposable or reusable? How much use can you get out of 4 AAA batteries? Just wondering.

Reusable. They also sell extra sets of replacement pads. I think I got mine at moofi when this was on sale on another woot site. Quite a bit of usage out of 4 AAAs, mine is still going strong.

I got this same unit for the same price on a WOOT OFF. I recomend it… I think it did as much for a sore tendon in my arm as a trip to the physical therapist!!!

Bought one of these the last time around based on positive comments, and I enjoyed it while it lasted. I always followed the directions to a tee, but the pads lost 90% of their stickiness and about half of them became very weak after maybe 6 sessions, around 3 hours of use total. I couldn’t bring myself to shell out the cash for replacement pads, so the unit has been sitting on a shelf in the box ever since.

I bought a couple of these for the same price, and gave one to a friend - we’re both very impressed by how effective it is. Batteries seem to last for 20 or so sessions, and pads for about the same (though furrier people will probably see their pads wear out more quickly). There are lots of inexpensive replacement pads of all shapes and sizes on offer over at the Amazonian mothership.

I should note that the pads work best on very clean skin. I use mine after I’m out of the shower after my workouts. If you’re using this at the end of the day to take care of sore muscles you’ll only get a couple uses out of the pads.

It does what it says, the batteries last longer than you think they would, and so do the pads as long as you don’t put them on dirty sweaty skin.

For the price, if you are considering it, then you should buy it.

I bought this the last time and LOVE it. It has made a huge difference in migraines/tension headaches, and everything else that hurts! I have used TENS through physical therapy, and this really is comparable! The batteries that came with mine died after about 4 uses (but they were also dented)… Hoping the new ones go longer.
The pads work well and last longer than I expected. It is important to apply to clean skin to extend the life of the pad. I use alcohol pads and wipe the skin surface with them, let dry for 15 sec, then apply. Also, hair free is good… If you’re super hairy, you might want to trim the hairs down in the specific area. After using the machine, place the pads back on the plastic sheet they came on so they stay clean.

can you get replacement pad attachments?

Last non-woot-off $19.99 also: 134 comments

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Product website: $39.99 + $8 shipping vs. $19.99 tonight



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Nearly word for word what I was going to write in my comment today!

Got one but it isn’t working:( Gonna buy top-of-the-line batteries and cross my fingers that will do the trick

I have commented before but I just want to add that this is wonderful for the price. The last ones I ordered, I tore one open to use it, even though I already have one, because I had completely run out of AAA batteries and had been without for at least a week. There are a couple of very painful areas around the neck/shoulder area that need daily attention.

I think the two unopened ones may be given as gifts but we’ll see. I don’t want to be ungenerous but then again, I’m always afraid Woot will never carry them again.

I bought it last time, and love it! I also purchased extra pads from Moofi, but have yet not dug into them. One side of the unit seems to be a bit stronger than the other side, but no big deal. I’ve only used two of the pads, carefully wiping them down with water between uses, and they are just as sticky as when first used. I’d say I’ve 2.5hrs of use out of the pads and batteries with no decrease in intensity. Oh, and it works great for sore muscles!

I have one of these and I will say, it does work pretty well.

That being said, this is NOT the same as the unit at most chiropractors. (obviously, since the ones that they have are much larger…)

The main difference, and what was initially a turn-off, was that there is no ‘continuous’ setting on this device. You can’t just turn it on and have it send out the same level like the units at most chiropractors. It does a sort of “ramp-up” from a low output to a high output over a defined period of time (adjustable from long to short). (I suppose it’s trying to simulate an actual massage) There are variations on it, but nothing that comes close to a sustained output at the same level.

It also doesn’t have a ton of power. I find myself using it on its highest setting and wishing it went higher.

All of this being said, the batteries seem to last a long time, (as in, haven’t had to replace them in a year and have seen no loss of power as a result), the pads last a long time (haven’t replaced those either), and it works pretty well.

I hurt my back over the weekend (chiropractor was closed) and I instantly grabbed this and a heating pad. 30 minutes later, and I was back up and moving again.

It works. Well worth the $20 in my opinion. Is it a substitute for the units at the chiropractor? No. But it works.