Prospera PL009 Electronic Pulse Massager

I bought this a few weeks ago when it was on Woot. Works well with just as much intensity as what I get at P.T. I only used it 3 times so far, it is working well.

I bought one of these during the woot-off and have only used it once. Not because there is anything wrong with it, but because it worked so well I only had to use it once. I fully expected it to take several sessions to start helping the quad injury I had, but one session was all it took. Great device. I am 100% satisfied with the purchase and would not hesitate to recommend to anyone.

Hey Woot Staff:

Any extra pads for sale this time?

I bought this unit from Woot a few weeks ago and I like it. I’m retired from working 37 years in construction and needless to say everything hurts LOL.
I find this unit to be powerful and really helps. The wire leads are long which is helpful. The pads loose their stickiness after a while but I found a product on Amazon you put on the pads that makes them stick again. Overall I’m happy I bought this.

Tried this a week ago and loved it. Almost bought one for $33 a couple days ago. Thanks Woot for coming through for me again.

I bought two of these off Amazon last year for Christmas presents for my aging father and aunt. Both have told me that it was one of their favorite presents. In for another 2 as cheap Christmas presents.

I don’t know about this particular unit, but I’ve been using a TENS for several years and get great results

For those having sticky issues with the pads sometimes it helps to spray a fine mist of water on the sticky side before sticking it on. Also wipe your skin with alcohol (what ever your preference, wine whiskey or vodka,etc)before sticking on.

Any links for pads? anyone?

I have not seen Woot sell the replacement pads but here are a few links to help you find some.

Sears = $16.99 ships free.

Walmart = $17.97 + shipping or, free store pickup.

Amazon = $10.00 appears to be free shipping.

There are many, many more. Just google and you will find. Hope this helps

This is my review from Amazon about 8 months ago (i gave 4 out of 5 stars):

Shocking device:

I do like this device. But it seems to be a LOT stronger than other similar models. One said that the pads were too small and to purchase larger ones. This could be the problem. I found this unit to be too powerful at a setting above 2 (it goes from 1 to 10). It gives quite a shock (at least for me), when set above 3 or 4. I cannot even imagine what 10 feels like. Larger pads might distribute the electrical pulses better.

A small problem with this device is that the control wheels are on the side of it. You could easily “bump” the level from 2 to 8 giving yourself a shock. A different TENS model I purchased had the power level wheel in the center of the unit making it much harder to accidently change the level.

I read concerns about whether this is a true TENS device or not. I really have no knowledge of that but I do know when I had severe back problems about 20 years ago I finally gave in and went to a Chiropractor. She hooked me up to a TENS (or EMS?) device and it was the only thing to give me pain relieve, however temporary. It did not cure me (a muscle relaxer and ibuprofen that a MD prescribed did) but I would have paid ANYTHING to take this device home with me.

To me this feels similar to the professional unit but I certainly have no way of knowing if a $500 unit was much better than an $25 unit with my “sample of one” life experience.

I already posted this but in case you missed it here you go.

I have not seen Woot sell the replacement pads but here are a few links to help you find some.

Sears = $16.99 ships free.

Walmart = $17.97 + shipping or, free store pickup.

Amazon = $10.00 appears to be free shipping.

There are many, many more. Just google and you will find. Hope this helps

I bought this last time it was Wooted. It works well, though not nearly as strong as the pro machine I got hooked up to during PT post-surgery; but still gets the muscles tingling.

Batteries seem to last longer on knead and massage versus beat setting. I use beat with fast action, or knead/massage with slow action for a longer buzz.

I have body hair as well, and the pads still stick after 4 applications. With my shirt on, they stay in place, albeit not as tacky.

Replacement pads available at Amazon, under $10 for a set of 8.

Love this unit. Found replacement pads on Amazon, $19 for 24 pads. (6 sets) I have had two back surgeries, with the last one botched. This helps tremendously. Wish it was just a touch more powerful, but it is adequate. Great for the $20!!!

I got one of these last time around and love it. If I thought I could use more than one at a time, I would get another.

Awesome, thanks!


Has anyone used this with conducting gel?

we’ve sold the replacements on Moofi occasionally, too. it’s worth checking every now & then.

also, i bought this doohickey last time we offered it and I LOVE IT MORE THAN I LOVE MY PETS AND CERTAIN FAMILY MEMBERS!!

I was skeptical about this but I bought one the last time it was on Woot! and was pleasantly surprised. I use it primarily for my lower back, but I’ve also tried it on my easily-strained shoulder and neck, and on my left thigh when I pulled a muscle there.

My boyfriend used it on a bad shoulder and he felt a lot better afterwards.

Definitely pick up a deal on replacement pads, and remember to start on a low setting. The cleaner your skin is before using, the better adherence you will have. Oh, and keep the little plastic sheet that the pads are shipped on – stick the pads back on after using them.

Bought one last time. Thought it was DOA, only the included batteries were DOA. Works very well on real batteries.