Prospera PL009 Electronic Pulse Massager

Tons of comments from when this was offered about a week ago

I had one of these. It worked for about an hour, then wouldn’t even shock me at highest setting. It’s kind of cool when it works. Your muscles contract and twitch and there is a mild shocking sensation on the skin. I would bet that many would find it uncomfortable, but I have always enjoyed the feeling of electricity running through my body. If it were more durable I would rate it highly.

Almost 200 comments/reviews on Amazon, with 4 stars

PS: Assuming yours lasts longer, you WILL need extra pads.

Unless you’re Superman, you can use one of these devices. I discovered them when I had to go for physical therapy to help me walk again after my cast for a broken foot came off. These devices work…I mean they really, really work! Later I bought a small one for lower back pain and it worked for that too. By the way, I paid about $175 for this unit about 10 years ago. You’re all lucky…now it only costs about 20 bucks.

Got one last week. Personally, having dealt with back pain problems since I was 17, the use of TENS in combination with ibuprofen is the best treatment I’ve found for episodes of muscle spasms.
As a doctor, I have often recommended TENS as part of a patient’s treatment for chronic back pain.

I like this unit in particular because a) it’s cheap b) unlike the belt I had previously, you can place the electrodes in different spots c) cheap, quality replacement pads are easily found.

Please remember not to use if you have a pacemaker. And pacemaker or no pacemaker, keep the electrodes away from your chest.

I got this from the amazon sale a week or two back. I was having a lot of problems with my neck at the time. After a couple days with this, it felt a lot better and the pain is almost gone. That alone was worth the price!

You WILL need new pads. These will only stick for so long. Look at the reviews for recommended replacement pads.

But for the price, if you have any kind of muscle pain or stiffness regularly, call your doc QUICK and get in on this deal.

Have one of these. When I get one of my neck cramps, these guys are a real pain relief in the neck.

Me so punny.

Got this one of the last times it was up and I like it just fine. I have a prescription TENS unit from a PT and this compares fairly favorably to that. The options listed on the controller unit make more sense, and the time limit is actually a very good thing for me since my motto is “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth OVERdoing.”
I wish the instruction book was clearer and more descriptive, but most of us don’t bother with those anyway.
VERY worth the $20.

VERY good advice! The last thing you want to do is try to use this as some DIY AED machine! Also, I’ll add that if you have any question about how to use one of these, don’t use one of these until you find out! Talk to your physician for instructions and make sure it is safe for you to use.

Like anything else designed to shoot electricity through your body, if used incorrectly, this can cause serious injury. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

I bought two of these units a week ago for the same price. One for myself and one for my mother for mother’s day. I have been using mine daily for neck pain (I am actually using it as I type this) and it has helped to offer some pain relief. I can’t say that it will cure your aches and pains 100%, but it does help. I figured any relief would be better than being in constant pain, right? That is why I purchased one for my mother as well. As she is older and “everything hurts” on her, I thought it would help since she could move the electrode pads to various painful locations. Since she was over at my house this past weekend, she got her mother’s day gift a week early and used it while visiting. After one use she really could tell that it made a difference and hopes that frequent use will help even more. I just ordered some placement electrode pads from amazon right before I saw this was offered again. I am thinking of buying another 1 or 2 so that I can hook up more areas and perhaps let my husband have his own unit. :slight_smile:

Did you switch out the batteries and/or contact Prospera? I’ve had mine for over a year and it’s still going strong.

Seeing comments about needing new pads, I do not own one of these devices so I cannot comment on how long the adhesive lasts, but after tearing a rotator cuff in high school, I had to use a similar device for therapy and the pads never had any adhesive, or it had worn off, but they used a type of sports plastic wrap to hold it in place so i figured that it how everyone does it. Would that be a more cost effective way of going about the loss of adhesion? I would assume you could use the Ace bandage that we all have laying around as well. The only downside I see is if you are applying it to your back, you may need a second person to help out.

Since my last comments were left when the Woot was almost over, here they are again.

Truly awful. Of the 12 or so models we tested (my research is in Neurophysiology), this one was near the bottom. The programs (Waist, Shoulder, etc) are utterly meaningless and don’t conform to anything in Western or Chinese medicine, i.e. acupressure or acupuncture. When I contacted the company to ask about the programs, they had no clue as to what they’re based on. Worst are the analog dials used to control amplitude. Several patients got shocked when the dial was turned accidentaly in the pocket. Furthermore, they’re not exact and lose precision over time. Finally, unlike digital controls, the dials do not reset or aiutomatically shut off. Several patients also told us that this model is weaker than other models, including ones that we got on eBay for less than $10.

And FYI, this is NOT a TENS unit. Even the company doesn’t mention TENS is the instructions. At best, it’s a mediocre EMS unit.

It’s not supposed to shock you because these are not TENS machines. If you feel shocked then it’s set too high. At best, this can be considered an EMS, or muscle simulator. the only thing you should be feeling is your muscles moving on their own, I.e. spasms. TENS units use a different frequency, generally higher, and their purpose is to block pain signals from reaching the CAN (spinal cord, brain). You generally would feel shocks with a TENS. EMS units are merely meant to stimulate the muscles, ie to prevent atrophy. They should not shock and do not prevent pain.

The problem is that this is not a TENS machine. Look inn the instruction booklet and you’d see that it wisely makes no mention of TENS. That’s because TENS are medical devices regulated by the FDA, and several companies were fined or closed because they claimed to be TENS when they were merely EMS units (muscle simulators). The belt units are generally pseudo-TENS, so should relieve more pain than any EMS would. Real TENS machines allow you to vary the frequency and amplitude precisely to mimic the program used in your doctor’s or rehab office. These EMS units don’t even come close and this Prospera is especially bad because the controls are analog, making reproducibility especially hard. In fact, it doesn’t seem well calibrated at all so the settings vary from unit to unit and change over time (cheap potentiometer).

try wetting the pads with some conductive gel or just plain water. Weak stimuli generally means poor conduction.

Pads available cheap on ebay too! The pads last a long time if you remember to clean yourself with a Kleenex + rubbing alcohol before sticking the pad on

As a doctor, you should also be aware that this is not a TENS unit so you should not be recommending it to patients. At best, it’s a mediocre EMS machine and as a doctor,I’m sure you know that they use different frequencies and serve very different purposes. In fact, using an EMS for pain can actually exacerbate the condition, I.e. imagine inducing spasms in pains caused by cancer. A definite no-no.

And as a doctor, you should be angered by the quackery in this unit which claims to have specific programs for various parts of the body. The problem is that those supposed programs are not based on anything in Western or Traditional Chinese Medicine. when we contacted the company they had no idea what the programs were based on either.