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Let’s chat cases!

I picked up the Speck iPhone case after my cheap one finally gave way, and it seems to be good at keeping me from dropping my phone. Mission accomplished?

This message bag is way too large for your ipad. It is clunky…I bought it last time and it was a complete waste of money…

Does this cover fit a 2011 Mackbook PRO?

FYI…the PixelSkin HD case lists that it’ll fit iPhone 4/4S. If you look at the provided pics, note the small opening for camera lens & flash. This is usually indicative of an iPhone 4 case. I purchased one of these in a past offering (still sealed in box) & the box states “iPhone 4”. If the case was also designed to fit iPhone 4S, the camera lens / flash opening would be significantly bigger (see pics in provided link below):
That being said, the case may physically fit the phone (4S) but there may be clearance issues with the camera lens / flash opening. I’m just saying…

That Speck Ergonomic Hard Case for iPad 2 turns into BUILT NY Ergonomic Hard Case for iPad 2 when you click it.

I think that is the BUILT NY like the previous deal.

Does anyone know if the ipod case (the 3-pack) will fit an iphone 3GS?

Love the battery case. I already use a protective case, so it’s not a big change. It’s not too bulky, let’s my iPhone run more than a day, and gives me the option to charge my phone with the apple cord or a mini USB cord.

No, the 3-pack will only fit the iPod Touch, which is not as thick as a 3GS iPhone.

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve sent an email to get it clarified and fixed.

EDIT: it’s fixed. It’s BUILT NY.

Thanks for the info. I’ve sent this info to our buyer for clarification.

For those that don’t want the Unu case because it doesn’t have a clip, you can get a free holster with a belt clip from their website.

Got the pixel skin case for the iPad last time it was offered and for $20 it is an extremely good value. Only shortcoming is no magnet for auto turn on and off. Otherwise I love the feel and slimness of the case and it seems to do a nice job of completely protecting your iPad.

does anyone knows if the speck macbook case will fit macbook pro?

I’d just like to say the Pixelskin HD is the best iPhone case I’ve ever owned. I got a plain black version of it thanks to antennagate and it’s taken a large number of intentional beatings and protected the phone like a champ.

I’m usually very careful with my iPhone thanks to the horror stories of people who shattered their screens, but after accidentally dropping and not having any ill effects thanks to the quality construction of the case, I started to occasionally (intentionally) drop my phone to show people how well it protects. I should point out that you should obviously never intentionally drop your phone just to prove a point as you could drop it just right so as to break it somehow even though I haven’t. After about a dozen or so drops my home button is real finicky and doesn’t like to work. I usually fix it by tapping hard on the back side of it or tapping the dock connector side against a desk, and then it’ll work no problem for a few days. I know a lot of people who love to keep their iPhones naked because they think cases are ugly, but when I challenged them all to drop their phones none of them took me up on it for some reason.

WOW, that was FAST!
I bought the “Speck Products SPK-A0324 PixelSkin HD Wrap Rubberized Case for iPad 2” on the 11th. When I got home on the 13th, it was waiting for me.

I replaced my Belkin leather case in a few minutes. The Belink case is definitely softer to the touch, but the Speck case stays closed and when folding for standing, it doesn’t stretch and want to fall over.

Well worth the price, maybe not at $50 though.