Protective Gear For Athletes

Moderator: This mouth/lip guard is for adults, not kids? Assuming adult:

Product website for Shock-Doctor mouth/lip guard $14.99

including pdf for fitting

and warranty (to moderator, you have woot 90 day, website says 1 year, not sure if the 1 year applies):

Amazon: mixed, more positive, main concerns are fit (usually too small, 1 said too big). Price there is for one, vs. 2 here.

Other concerns above and below mainly listed Vettex (including in comments of videos) as alternative, and problems if user grinds their teeth (although I’m not sure if that’s unique to only this mouth guard):
by itself
from product company

[MOD: Fixed the last 2 videos]

They are called “adult-convertible.”

Thank you for fixing the videos. Sorry.