Protein & Health Supplements

The No-Xplode was a bargain when I got it on Woot! for $20 in the past (Apr. 2013). What’s up with the 1.75x price increase?

It could just be that our costs on them went up, it does also look like this one has 10 more servings than the one you bought (which as a “bonus” I’m not sure if that counts). Here’s a link to the previous if you want to further compare.

Beer is my energy protein-rich drink of choice!

The NO Xplode looks to be the older, and arguably better, “v2.0” blend. The new formula has been out for quite a while now, so I’d expect that these are set to expire relatively quickly.

Still a steal at $0.58/serving, and I’m sure it’d still be effective enough well past the expiration date.

Wish I could justify buying another bottle of preworkout when I have 3 in my cupboard already.

Last time I got a ‘protein’ supplement here, it had enough caffeine in it to jump start an elephant. Not sure I want to risk it again.

Emergen-C is $7.39/30 at the mother ship!

These “supplements” often look like drugs and are marketed like them, but they are regulated under a different system that allows any kook to mix together anything they think is healthy, and to call it pretty much anything they want. It’s risky to use these products because they are not subject to FDA pre-approval for safety and efficacy. The evidence for their efficacy is very thin–take Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The largest meta-reviews concluded that it does not prevent colds. And the risk is that you do not really know what is in the supplement (these products are typically proprietary blends) nor where they are sourced (most vitamin C comes from China).

Remember the “Patent Medicines” of the 19th Century? These things are the modern equivalent. It’s basically witchcraft dressed up in modern marketing.

Nooo. Can’t believe I missed this. NOX 2.0 is sold out everywhere I’ve looked and it is so much better than the new 3.0. :(((((

Wait - NO Xplode? Will that help with my uncontrollable gas?..