Protron 37” LCD HDTV

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Protron 37" LCD HDTV
$299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I demand a Curtis!

Horror Stories

I saw the Tron guy on Tosh 2.0 — he didn’t redeem himself…

Come on Woot shirt discount break! I can use several new shirts. I need them baaadly!

kinda surprised someone would buy this

? New with 90 day warranty?

WoW. Even they don’t have faith in their products.

Tron Guy + Lunch Box = Protron Guy

This TV defies Physics. It is a protron and a new tron at the same time.

Cnet forums have a few (2 pages of) things to say about this brand/model…

Finally! A Protron TV!

I’ve never head of this brand. Is it any good. I want to upgrade my 32 inch.

I prefer electrons.

Very bad reviews

Look at all those cables it comes with. None of the big boys throw all that in. This is a complete set. You’ll be able to watch ANYTHING till the TV breaks in 3 days.

I kid. I kid. I’m sure this is a reputable brand and a quality television set.

They did that already. Generally just one per wootoff, at lunch break.

That is one ugly TV.

doesnt look good…

Dunno about the Protron brand, but Best Buy regularly has 1080p 120hz 36" sets for about $270-280.

I guess now’s a good time to go clean the garage