Proud to Serve Winery Cab Sauvignon (6)

Help! Where are the comments, reviews, …!!! Come on, guys, let’s do this!!! Please? :wink:

Here are some comments from last time:

"On our woot offers it is $1 per bottle. On regular wholesale it is $2 per bottle. Our primary benefactor is the Veterans Health Research Institute (NCIRE) in San Francisco. Thanks for your interest and we hope you enjoy the wine! "

"I don’t have a lot of the technical information on the wine but it won a bronze at the Sonoma County Fair two years ago and has been reviewed as “Silver Oak-esque”. "

"Invino - Shop Wine

FYI 93 points?"

"I hope this wine review helps put a few minds at ease about the quality of this wine. Note: because the Woot offer is so good we can only donate $1 per bottle from this event.

This was a surprise to the Tasting Panel! Due to the charitable aspect of this wine and $2 from every bottle is being donated to Veteran’s Programs, we figured that we’d see what we could do to help. Having a nephew who’s in Marine Special Forces, it’s certainly important to me. The label is classic, WWII kitsch, in the style of the old Rosie the Riveter posters and very colorfully eye-catching. We went in with a level of expectation that was relatively low, but were we ever surprised!

The wine itself is surprisingly Silver Oak-esque. Big, rich and fruit-driven, there a good dose of that creamy, vanillin, American wood on the wine. Elements of plum, cherries and vanilla come wafting off the surface of the wine and lead you into a mouthful of plum, berries, chocolate and vanilla. It’s very smooth, easy drinking and should be a real crowd pleaser. Why pay Silver Oak prices when you can get the same style for a lot less? Not to mention that some your money actually goes towards something good. Check it out! Maybe it’ll make you want to stand up and salute those who have gone out to fight for all of us. -PM"

This link will show you the rest.

Proud to Serve Winery Cabernet Sauvignon 6-Pack - $74.99
2007 Proud To Serve Cabernet Sauvignon

THANK YOU! It does! :slight_smile:

So … No tasting reviews from the last woot offering but wooters did buy it. My husband loves cab/sav so I’m in for one if there aren’t any tasting reviews (Fred), and in for 3 if the reviews are good. Thanks, again, pgr999!

I bought this last time it was offered. LOVE it!. I would be getting the full 3 orders if we weren’t in the process of moving. It is a “big” red and the info given really does understate the balance and heft of this wine. Deep dark in color and not a fruit bomb. Full mouth feel and just the right amount of barrel (oak). I wish I had kept some sort of notes on this. I will this next round.

Bought a six pack haven’t tried yet, at a disadvantage on this woot off, in Austin Tx checking out the area and homes