Provo Craft YourStory Book Binder with Laminator

$61.84 + $2.99 shipping on Amazon. 7 positive reviews.

Alright peoples, I need help here! After playing with the school’s laminator I can totally see a million little occasional uses for one at home (or the next PAT event), so my question is… is this a good deal, or is it just going to fall apart after 25 uses?

Provo Craft Page

Provocraft is a crap corporation . They sue the hell out of any small family-owned competition. You buy their products, you feed an evil American corperation.

I’m disappointed in woot for supporting such filth.

Been a long time supporter of woot, but if crap from provocraft shows up again, I’ll think twice.

Very important for improving the versatility of the binder:
That way you’re not stuck using the overpriced provo stuff.

Wrong link (you have the wrong model)…here’s the right one on Amazon…and it has great reviews!!

Props for the NaNoWriMo reference. This year I lost. Terribly. Maybe making a picture book would make me feel more accomplished…

WARNING!! Laminating stuff can become very addictive and result in all things being plastic covered.

Ironic given the sale on Amazon of the Scotch laminator for $16.99 the other day. It was this one, now back up to its regular $29 price. I would trust a Scotch one over this any day.

And as a NaNoWriMo YWP founder, I cringe over the mention of that great program here. For self publishing, it’s way better to use Createspace. Laminators are good for other stuff, like teachers making things to reuse over and over, like fake money, place value charts, and so much more.

Are the ancillary supplies still available either from the mfr or other sources?

Will they be available in the next 2, 3, 4 (etc.) years or do we need to “stock up” and order compatible supplies in advance?

Why would that be a problem? I bet Marie Barone had one.

Can this thing bind unlaminated pages, that is, plain paper?

this is a great deal from what I can see online…78.99 at overstock

Im in for one to make books for my grandchildren :slight_smile:

I read in one of the amazon reviews of someone using paper, cardstock, and a glue gun (???) with a method they got from YouTube. So… I guess?

a source for more albums…

I wonder the same thing.

Ah, the perfect thing to use up that $20 gift from Jumbowoot!!!

Depending on exactly what you want to make, it looks like you can bind with plain cardstock instead of their covers and hot glue instead of their glue strips. There are some step-by-step videos on YouTube, such as:

And someone on said they were able to use Fellowes laminating sheets in a similar model of YourStory machine. (See

So you should be able to do something with the machine even once the official supplies get hard to find.

Compared the pricing on Amazon so looks like a good deal. And the supplies are available. I did get the Amazon deal on the Scotch laminator for crafty daughter-in-law. Daughter has enjoyed using her Scotch laminator.

With six grandkids I can see this would be something I can use to surprise them with books of granny’s bedtime monkey stories. Always searching for activity/coloring books that will fit in Operation Child shoe boxes. I should be able to make my own next year.