A certain creature almost climbed onto the printer yet again a few seconds ago when I was trying to print something. I guess I’d better buy this shirt if I know what’s good for me.

Copy cat

Perfect little kitty copies. This shall be my new favorite cat shirt.

Ah, I see there is a cat scan going on today.

Prrrrrrrrfect prrrrrrint

I’m laughing at the writeup. Afterall, this can’t be

without cat shirts now, can it?

Also, American Apparel shirts - PAY ATTENTION TO THE SIZING CHARTS!

Got to love cats and printers:[youtube=NW-WzeRFaGg][/youtube]

Ah, the classic cat scan.

Don’t wear this in front of your cat. Kitty see, kitty do.

It’s a walmazan, it’s cute, bonus cat, cue smile…


This shirt is purrrrrrrrfect

As if cats weren’t cute enough now they figured out how to multiply their cuteness even more.

There’s more than one way to scan a cat.

Typical Cat: full of ego, obviously hit the “ENLARGE” button.

(How’d he do that? Paw: Prints.)

Congrats Walmazan. :slight_smile: Warm spot plus vanity device = cat heaven.

What? No more kids’ sizes? Did I miss the memo? Or is it just for this shirt?

This would have been a perfect shirt to offer in kids’ sizes.

Kid sizes?!?