PRYMAX Portable Power Station

PRYMAX Portable Power Station

I never realized my Christmas Tree is a mobile electronic.

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The Amazon reviews received an F on FakeSpot.


What is a DC converter? Is that something extra I need to buy,

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Can this battery and attachments be used to start a 6 cylinder vehicle?

Short answer, No. There are smaller and cheaper alternatives that are better dedicated for starting engines.

Think of this as something you will bring along if you go camping and want to use a hair dryer or one of these:

(See what I did there, Woot? Do I get commission for that link? :wink: )

But indirectly, is a solid yes. Such that you buy said device mentioned above and use the Portable Power Station to charge it. And then use the device to start your car.

I don’t think you could use this to power a hair dryer unless it extremely tiny and/or blowing on cold on the lowest fan setting. Most hair dryers are 1500-2000 watts. I still like it, but don’t think it’s all that.


Yes, you are right. I failed miserably in trying to come up with something ridiculous (and/or funny) to bring to camping for use with this Power Station.

Here is a long mathematical answer…
The Power Station is rated at 300W as the pictures stated.
A car battery needs to be around 12-14 volts. This only gives 25 amps max/peak @ 12V before things start tripping, burning or exploding. A car engine (or starter motor) needs at least 200 to 300 amps to turn (more depending on the weather and a whole bunch of other factors). In terms of watts, this would be a minimum of 2400W required from the power source. And all this needs to be continuous and near constant for about 3-5 seconds to give a cold engine enough time to turn.

Someone please check my math. :innocent: And yes, it’s a slow day at work…


I’ve used this to jump cars, riding lawn mowers, and charge phones/devices. And it’s much cheaper than this. Unless you need to run a small A/C device (as in no heating element. no toasters, hair dryers, curling irons, etc), this is your better bet.

I just saw a Family Guy episode where he ran a panini press from his cigarette lighter and a vein popped in my head. Funny how random stuff will bug you.

I’ve used a similar device to keep chili/pozole/tamales warm at a sports tournament using a slow cooker (esp on Low). Then the wattage draw is low enough for this inverter, tho the power only lasts a few hours. Also worked well for LED lights, small fan, radio/boombox, etc. Only real complaint is long recharge times.

Goal Zero makes portable power stations in various capacities up to 1500 watts continuous, but they are pretty damned expensive.

We’ve purchased something similar (Anchor brand) for my husband’s cPap while camping. It’s also great to use to power electronic devices. Buyer beware and do your math. Some that we looked at will only power a device for 4 hours or so. Not enough breathing for a full night’s sleep. However, they are wonderful when using the lominoodle LED outdoor lighting: I love these things and get many compliments when camping on the ilumination quality.

Summarizng all that folks said it is, unfortunately, no :expressionless: