PS-4019-BC 4" Brass Deck Anchor

PS-4019-BC 4" Brass Deck Anchor

I had to research as to what this thing is and used for. I found that it is used to anchor pool ladders and such. The metal is cast bronze, not brass. I found the spec sheet for this thingy if that helps anyone :wink:

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Bronze not Brass. Am I reading the information from the Perma-Cast website wrong?? Info copied from Amazon third party resellers is not always accurate. Yes, this style is available in aluminum. Perma-Cast does not make them in Brass. The metal alloy composition is different between the brass and bronze.

I don’t see a difference between PS-4019-BC and PS-4019-B except one has a limited lifetime warranty.

The catalog then calls these “Brass Pool Products” but offers them in bronze, aluminum, and plastic.

So who knows.

PS-4019-BC (Hanover Clone) and PS-4019-B (Perma-Socket) are two different beast. Both made of BRONZE. Look similar. The PS-4019 BC Uses PW-4C Wedge Assembly. The PS-4019-B Uses PW Wedge Assembly. Whatever that means. The one who needs this will know if that’s what they need.