Public service announcement


Wanted to bring these important messages to you all:

Followed by:


do you have a map with west carolina on it? i can’t seem to find it on mine!


You obviously don’t live in Maprica


I don’t youtube; any body care to gist?


Miss Teen USA South Carolina speech with follow up.


Mr. Gman,
Beauty pageant - sorry, scholarship contest - contestant gives nonsensical answer to question during contest. Comedy gold.


Is this the thing Letterman was replaying several times during his show last night? all about education and South Africa and Asia, and complete confusion?


is that an alt spelling for that state that hangs like a limp…you know?


Dick Cheney?


Dr. J,
I don’t what Mr. Letterman was playing last night, but that sounds right. She was asked about why 1/5 of Americans can’t locate the U.S. on a map, and launched into a rambling answer about education, S.A., Iraq and Asia.


Ok, no picking on SisterC, she has a good heart…


Oh . . . a Poli-Sci candidate . . . destined to be either a State Department drone or an ACLU lawyer . . .


Hey AZ, you are funny - good day?


Mornin’ was hectic . . . afternoon was kinda quiet . . .


Ya, I looking to get through tomorrow and then glide into the weekend.


I’m lookin’ at a 50/50 chance of having to be at work for some part of each day this weekend . . .


I’ll be hoping for the good 50


Me, too.


Does this relate to SAT scores?


I scored a solid 50 on my third attempt at the SAT, and does she need to be smart? I mean look at her…