PULL Paso Robles Merlot Case (12)

PULL Paso Robles Merlot 12-Pack Case

Sold by: Broken Earth Winery


From WE
Deep aromas of cherry liqueur and cedar make a very appealing nose. Cigar box and cherry juice flavors continue to the palate alongside cola nut, and there are very chewy tannins. So either serve now with a hearty cut of beef, or wait until 2015 for the grip to mellow out.

wait till 2015? so its very drinkable now? or past its window?

I’d say drink up, based on that review.

Good now - got one last time (for $5 more, I believe) and had a couple…going to get one more for the cellar.

Trying to buy, Amazon Pay doesn’t seem to know me. I’ll try again on the PC, maybe it’s my mobile causing the problem.

I’m still working on a previous case of this stuff. Not too bad as a daily. I’d buy more but I simply don’t have the space right now :frowning:

I know what you mean, three cases were delivered yesterday, with more to come. Hope this one takes its time getting here!

I switched from the app to my phone’s browser, and the order went through just fine.

“I’d buy more but I simply don’t have the space right now.”

Seriously, if I were in your shoes, I’d hide it in the attic’s chilly spot and retrieve it one bottle at a time.