Pull Up, You Fools!

It’s a trap!

When comparing these mice (and Ackbar-mouse) to the real thing they appear to be anatomically incorrect. They should have five toes on their rear feet.

Either a spongebob testicle or a deathstar cheeseball, hopefully my second option.

Oh wow. This actually made me laugh out loud… nice one, with several different levels of funniness. You don’t need the shirt title to think it’s hilarious either, which is in itself a great accomplishment.

That’s the ugliest mouse I’ve ever seen! :open_mouth:

♫ The Ackbar stands alone, the Ackbar stands alone… ♫

Is this the real reason why none of the derbys are allowed to have Star Wars?


It’s a mousetrap!

There, I said it for you.

So is that just how dumb womp rats are? No wonder Luke used to bullseye them in his T-16 back home.

Someone needs to Move the Cheese.

One gets snapped while the other gets catapulted, maybe onto the cat!

When one assumes the mantle of leadership, pants become optional.

the early bird may get the worm but the late mouse will get the cheese.

I think the perfect Ackbar impression requires your lips to move completely independently from the rest of your mouth.

This feels all disproportionate to me.

Those are damn ugly mice

“That thing’s operational!”

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6J2mKgXpW-Y Gotta love audience participation

I don’t get it…

It’s a rap?

It’s a map?

It’s an app?

Somebody help!!!

WOW, that Ackba-rat is uglier than one of mine!


(yes, she’s supposed to have the bald spots :3)