Pull Up, You Fools!

Yet another shirt no one in their right minds would buy…How about woot start to offer some real-art shirts?

Okay, now imagine this in a Don LaFontaine voice

"It is tough…

It is strong…

Some may say it has many friends…

But there is one simple truth…

The cheese stands alone!

The Cheese! Coming soon to a theater near you."

It’s a trap!!! I mean…it’s a sale!!!

I’m a sucker for cheesy Star Wars related cheese products.

Why, who’s not in their right mind for buying this shirt? I just bought one, and I’m not even naked in the cold…yet. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t get it. I feel so out of the loop.

Given what I’ve seen on the news, I believe the Italian prime minister can confirm that statement.

Obviously, they’re wearing boots. What mouse in his right mind would go into space without boots?

Needs some apple pie.

I’ve been wondering what drugs they’re on, the last batch of shirts have been aweful!

Poor little guy!

whispers May I suggest some rogaine for little guy?

ZZZzzzzing! Excellent!

(also, i’m in for one. i’ve been looking for more Ackbar related clothing to fill in the Ackbar gaps in my wardrobe.)

whispers Didn’t you read carefully? Bass said she’s supposed to have a bald spot.

I’m guessing these Rebel mice would prefer to avoid any Imperial entanglements. But they should probably also avoid any encounters with a Falcon.

I sense a new slogan. “shirt.woot: No Longer Naked in the Cold.” Hmm… needs work.

Ok, you can have it, but you can’t use my face on the cereal boxes.

You’ll regret this when the royalties from cereal.woot don’t come rolling in.

whispers Maybe that’s what you end up looking like if you ignore Admiral Ackbar (and survive)!

(It’s called a joke, but don’t worry about your misunderstanding. It’ll be between just you and me.)

Haha! I wish I could give you a quality post point for that one.

hahaha oh jeez I was so busy laughing at cartoon Ackbar-mouse and the facial expressions on the mice that I didn’t even notice the cheese Death Star for a good couple minutes