Pulsar by Seiko Ladies Dress Watch with Swarovski Crystals

Pulsar by Seiko Ladies Dress Watch with Swarovski Crystals
$39.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New with gift box
product(s): 1 Pulsar by Seiko Ladies Dress Watch Set - PEG641

A higher quality WOOT than yesterday’s Faucet of Crap.

A little too old looking for my wife. Thanks anyway woot.

wow… this is even worse than yesterday’s woot… and more expensive…

what’s going on here? who killed the wooters?

Hey Honey, I got you a watch from WOOT for Valentine’s!

This is really nice… I have a watch… but I know my mom would love it…


LoL… Night all

Men, this watch is hot. buy it for your ladies.
Update: I take it all back. Upon closer inspection…Leather Sucks Rocks. Down with leather. Bad woot for selling animal products.


First page?

Kinda ugly, I’m getting my girl a good ol’ DD<br /><b>(USER WAS PUT ON PROBATION FOR THIS POST)</b>

good woot but im no lady…maybe buy for gf? help!

ah perfect for valetines…NOTTTTTTTTTTT!

Great deal, nice woot but I am not a woman and I do not need a watch right now! Thanks anyway WOOT!!!

Come on… At least make it look half-way descent. These look like kid’s watches

this might just top the water filter

eewwwww!!! and it’s selling for $100 on froogle

Well, woot, you screwed me out of two hours of sleep for no reason, again. Why is it that when I stay up for this, it’s terrible, and if I go to bed, it’s a bag of crap? Woot has built a newcomb predictor!

Every day is Valentine’s Day…

Wow crappiest woot in my trilogy…



I’ll stick with my Timex!

I like it, but no thanks, Its about as useful to me as a Bag O’ Crap.