Pulsar Tech Gear Mens Watch PF3647

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Pulsar Tech Gear Mens Watch PF3647
$79.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Pulsar Tech Gear Men’s Stainless Steel Chronograph PF3647

I’ve got a Pulsar – It’s a decent watch. It’s a Seiko brand, so it’s got a bigger, authentic watch-making power behind it.


Not bad but I already got a Invicta Stainless Steel Racing Sport Chronograph from Woot a while back. If I didn’t have that one i would be all over this one.

If my seiko died today…I would buy it.

Chronos rule. You can time anything! This is nice…

That’s a big watch, most men’s watches are 36-38mm.
This one is 46, so if you have small wrists (like i do) this might be a bit bulky for you.

Gah, I just bought a new pocket watch! Why cant you be faster with putting this up?! I probably would have bought this if not for my new one.

originally $250, this watch sells on Amazon for around $150. So - amazing deal! I was really looking for reviews, though, and no one has reviewed it yet. I’ve been kind of wanting a quality steel watch so I have something else to choose from than my LEGO watch, but i don’t want to just buy a random one cuz it’s on woot. Anyway, i want reviews!

Haven’t worn a watch in ten years, but have to admit - That one looks pretty cool.

Link to Pulsar Watches

wear a watch. every man should have one, best accessory a man can own IMO. I’d buy this one buy I already own enough watches, so I’m good. love watches. maybe a little too much

i like how the yahoo store here sells this watch for $150

I’ve got a PULSAR that I have been wearing for the last 3 years. It’s a very close model to this one (PF3275). It has worked without a flaw. One thing I can say, if you’re thinking about going in the water with it you’ll have no problem at all. I spend two summers windsurfing and never took it off my hand. Salty or other water had no effect on it whatsoever, and it has been very durable too. The mineral crystal makes a biiiiig difference. I had no idea about this before this watch, but the glass is crystal clear as the day I bought it - no scratches at all despite any rough handling.

On the not so bright side, keep in mind the watch is massive (and surprisingly heavy). If you you like your watches on the “manly” side, that’s fine. But if you’re used to “gentle elegance”, you’ll probably be disappointed.

What I am saying is, if the design is to your liking, go for it.

Then again, the price is nothing spectacular. I got mine (new) off of an online store for the same price (on special). If you look around you can also find other models you like for comparable price.

Hope that helps.

I really, really, really wish this would have been the all black Pulsar PF3663. Oh well. Still really tempting.

I agree! the two most important things us Neanderthal men forget when getting all spiffed up are cuff links and a watch.

It’s a shame I allready own three watches, a knockoff rolex (gold… colored…), a nice timex (silver), and a casio… it’s black… it has a rubberish band… $5 FTW

Pulsar is a good brand, one of those brands you see at Sears or Macy’s, too expensive for every-day use, but not for high-rollers… good times… but really, good watch…

also: if you live anywhere near NYC, fake rolexs ftw… really… no joke…

right-o… enough rambling… if you don’t own a watch, grow the hell up…

I got a cell phone. No want.

looks nice :slight_smile: but i have a nice watch already. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the good info. Can you describe how the alarm works?