Pulse Charger Electric Scooter

Prob a stupid question but I’m like 5’8 and 130-135 lbs… I know the weight says 120 is max, but I am sure it should hold me. But would I look ridiculous on this? Work is only about 1.5 miles away… tempted.

Yeah, I wanna know the same thing. Would I break it? I’m sure I’d look even more ridiculous than you would.

I wanna see Queen Elizabeth ride it. That would be awesome!

Why would you look more ridiculous? Are you 8 feet tall?

Reading reviews at http://www.walmart.com/ip/Pulse-Scooters-Charger-Electric-Scooter-Revo-Green/16929114 there is a review that says a 210lb person rides and it holds them just fine. There are a lot of reviews saying the belt broke right after buying it and a replacement belt was $12, so maybe some of them have faulty belts. Maybe this helps, maybe not…

If so, you would definitely look pretty ridiculous. I’m a mere 7 feet tall and I guarantee that I’d make people chuckle if I tried riding this thing… assuming I didn’t break it the second I climbed on. I haven’t weighed 120 lbs since Jr. High.

@The7Footer,@CATGRRL,@IMDAMAN99 I have you all beat,I look rediculus without a scooter!

Toys R Us with reviews mixed:

I’m guessing this is the manual:

You want instructional videos on maintaining/repairing it? At least 11 videos

Like this one. Replace the motor? Why not?

I thought the whole point of having a scooter was to get some exercise!

We bought two for Christmas. Circuit breakers blow pretty easily so familiarize yourself with the reset button. We thought it was broken but eventually found the solution. This is with 75 lbs. kids so if you’re closer to the 120 lbs. limit, expect a lot more resets.

Been wanting a scooter like this but bad reviews are holding me back.

Yeah the bad reviews have made me decide to pass on this one.

I say go for it! I also encourage you to not be swayed by what others think and follow your intuition.
As for the weight concerns, the listed max for most products can be multiplied 1.25 - 1.5 and still be OK. The testing goes past that posted “limit” as a matter of course.

scooter is pretty fast, easy to put together… but the rubber belt on the bottom will rip if your kid uses the scooter daily within a week or so . I have contacted the company for a replacement.

I just contacted Woot because the belt on mine broke after its second use. Don’t know what the resolution will be.