Puma Apparel

Hey, where’s that velvety-looking jacket in the main picture?

The picture shows a jacket. There is only pants…

Here’s a Puma sizing chart

You forgot one thing - PUMA LOGO is way too tiny!!! :frowning: PUMA always have their trademark logo on there - ALWAYS! I own so many of them I should have came as PUMA … GRRR! And to say I almost became a “SUCKER” because I nearly bought one but I closely did a careful research on this - 'twas a shame really… I own so many PUMAS insomuch I am wearing one and my son wanted another one and to say I nearly bought one?

Umm… are you insinuating that woot is selling fake Puma apparel? Because you’d be completely wrong on that point. I assure you that woot does not sell anything counterfeit. If that’s not what you’re saying, then I’m sorry–I don’t understand your post at all.

Thank you for the message. We can assure these are not fake rather straight from the manufacturer.

We are the drop shipper for this event and I personally saw all the product today and can confirm these are NOT fake.

Do these come with a box of Newports?