Puma Men's 3 PK Boxer Briefs

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Puma Men’s 3 PK Boxer Briefs
Price: $12.99
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Condition: New


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Alert: They must have been manufactured in a Middle East “No Fly” Zone, because they don’t have a fly.

Buy these and “Put a Puma in your pants.”

Are these refurbished?


Yoga pants for guys? They sound sweaty and uncomfortable.

These don’t appears to have much room for your junk.
Are these actually for women just repurposed?
I had a similar pair (not Puma) that were uncomfortable all day and were like a compression garment for my junk. Maybe they intend for you to use a cup.
Any Men actually used these that can chime-in?

The last time I bought hubby skivvies…he got them mixed in the laundry with his size 0 daughter’s bikinis…he drove all the way from Tucson to Tombstone bitching and grabbing at them…hahahaha…we got to the hotel & as he tossed them in trash I mentioned that there had been NO purple in his package :slight_smile: he has forever bought his own skivvies since :slight_smile: Gotta pass…

Why would anyone buy this when they could buy the Unsimply Stitched undies on the accessories section?


Those retail for $20 a pair and Woot is selling a 7 pack for $50.

Also, these look like bike shorts. I don’t see how they could have adequate space up front.

I don’t wear this brand, but I buy underwear like this. You definitely want some with ‘cup’ space, but not that are designed to be worn with a cup. A good brand will have some extra space up front.

In all honesty I found a great brand in this style at Walmart that I’d recommend over anything I’ve seen, but I’m not sure how Woot feels about other product recommendations.

I have a few pairs of these, and they are definitely the most comfortable pair of underwear I own. They keep the boys right where they need to be, but not too snug. I wear them for doing MMA classes, and I am considering just stocking up on them and making them my daily wears.

I’ve purchased these from Woot before and tried the Adidas brand in this style sold at Costco. These are the winner hands down, in fact I just ordered two more packages. And speaking of “packages”, being an average to slightly larger than average man, I much prefer this style of underwear because I can’t stand a fly. Every style I’ve tried with a fly has resulted in numerous daily escapes that are wholly uncomfortable. Even though these are polyester, they are much softer and feel more like cotton than the Adidas brand, which have a slick and unnatural feel in comparison. These also stay nicely in place because of the high percentage of spandex. I find them comfortable in every regard, especially the waistband and their ability to hold things in place without discomfort. These becoming available now is good timing for me. These are my out and out favorites. But obviously, to each their own.

depending on size/color, its cheaper on amazon (with prime shipping and free returns on unused items): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01I22ZIFO .

I bought these on Woot! before and loved them at $14.99. These are great and very comfortable for me, especially during tough workouts. They keep your ‘junk’ in place during pilates, as well :wink:

Go to meundies.com— AWESOME underwear and panties for the ladies!

Puma? That is just a ridiculous name for these. They’re obviously warthog boxer briefs.