Puma Men's Crew or V-Neck Undershirt 3pk

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Puma Men’s Crew or V-Neck Undershirt 3pk
Price: $12.99
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Condition: New


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So want to love this but 12.99 plus 5.00 shipping for three undershirts? I might as well spend a little bit more and get a Tommy John undershirt.

BTW, you don’t own a Tommy John undershirt? You are missing out!

I bought the Puma shirts the last time Woot offered them. They are the thinnest shirts I own. They stretch out in the washing machine and are so thin I got sunburned through the shirt.

My Haines t-shirts are twice as thick.

I bought these the first time Woot offered them and think they’re fantastic. Yes, they’re incredibly thin, but they’re perfect undershirts for the summer. They breathe well, have a snug, yet comfortable fit and are soft.

The only thing i’ve noticed is after several washes, the tags have come off. $13 for three undershirts isn’t too bad, considering these same shirts sell for ~$30 on Amazon, and a pack of Jockey, Hanes or FotL shirts will run around the same price.

I recommend them!

Exactly what I was going to say. These are very very thin and stretch out. Mine have also turned a grayish white and the tags have fallen off.
Cheaply made and not worth it.

I only by XLT white undershirts. Otherwise after 3 washes they are too short to be tucked in under my dress shirt and just bunch up above my belt line.

Are these longer than regular undershirts? My biggest problem with undershirts is finding one that’s long enough to stay tucked in under my button-down.
Years ago Alfanis from Macy’s used to be long and soft, but their latest shirts are shortened so they no longer work. I’m currently wearing Staffords from JC Penneys. They’re long, but not very soft. Any suggestions?

I agree that these are very thin, but that’s what I love about them! Very cool in the summer and longer than your average Hanes or FOTL shirt. I would definitely recommend them. If you bay 3 packs (with shipping) you get the price down to $4.89 each…

I don’t get it – are these shirts made of spun gold fibers? Walmart.com has similar undershirts (Hanes, Fruit of Loom, other brands) for $2-$3 each but these are more than $4, before shipping.

Am I missing something?

These are not worth buying - they are small to begin with and shrink even more.

These are the shortest under shirts I have ever purchased. If I stretch, I can feel them pull up and un-tuck from my belt while the shirt over it staid in place. It looked like I was doing a bad job of hiding something under my shirt. Every other XL under shirt I have ever purchased had not done this.

Not to tout Tommy John again but they are made specifically to stay where they belong, I have never had one ride up. Super soft, I love them every time I wear them. With that said, they are over $25 a piece but well worth it.