Puma Men's Faas Lite Mesh Shoes

**Item: **Puma Men’s Faas Lite Mesh Shoes
Price: $49.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Sorry, but my feet are way too picky to spend $50 without being able to try them on, especially without being able to exchange them ala Zappos’ miracle level customer service. =\

Some additional info and good reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) can be found over at puma.com

Just in time for Halloween!
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Let’s check out this interesting video [youtube=HDIKc5qoezo][/youtube]

For what it’s worth I own the faas lite (the white and orange ones in the video above this comment. And I must say I have never worn more comfortable golf shoes, they are crazy lite and crazy comfortable. Also they have amazing grip and have never slipped in 6 or 7 rounds on wet grass (these have the same bottom). You could literally wear these outside as regular shoes.

Would highly recommend, and this is a great price

Are these suitable for everyday shoes? They say golf, but the thread looks like a typical shoe, unless I am not seeing it right

Are these like Nike Free?

Orange you glad you saw this deal.


I do not know about the lightest…But definitely the orangish shoes in Golf…

The orange parts on the bottom are hard rubber with rubber “knobs” on them… that is where the most contact between your foot and the grass happens when you swing… they operate like typical golf spikes. But I have worn them after an outing due to not getting back to my car and forgot I was wearing golf shoes

I (as said a few comments earlier) own a different pair of faas spikeless shoes…

The instant I saw those shoes I thought of this movie quote:

“Okay, I’m thinking of something… orange. Something orange. Orange. You give up? It’s an orange. Get it?”

Stanley Spadowski (Michael Richards)
UHF (1989)

i love pumas and these shoes rock but my wide foot hates how they fit which is terrible cuz they make some awesome designs

Just got my pair yesterday. These things are way too narrow! Couldn’t fit my foot into these sz 13 shoes. I’ve worn 13 for years! Not cool! I want my money back.