Puma Men's Radius Running Shoes

at least people will see you coming

Although I do not have much to say about these shoes, did you know the founders of Adidas and Puma were brothers? Very, very competitive brothers

I envy those who can pull off neon colored shoes. I am not one of them.

Eh, idk if I can pull off neon shoes either, but I’ve been wanting a pair of runners so these should suffice for the time being. Just a heads up for anyone ordering, I read around and it seems that Puma runs around a half size small. YMMV, but I ordered a half step up, just in case.

Here’s the story of it I read several months ago…fun read if you have a bit of time:

I love these shoes!! I’m hoping my son’s size will be available when he awakens and picks a color (i have my preference, but, alas, he has a mind of his own.) The way he goes through sneakers, i’ll likely get him two pair, one in the next size up,as well.

And, if he doesn’t wreck him, we are temporarily in the same size and i can wear them when he outgrows them!!! B O N U S !!!

You need to buy the Ray Bans to be able to look at the Puma’s.

I’ve never bought any shoes off woot before; I tend to be picky when it comes to running shoes. I don’t have much wootsperience under my belt (only 13 orders), but I remember that “buyer’s remorse” is not an acceptable return reason.

As far as shoes go, would you think I’m better off skipping the deals to go to a store and find something I’m sure to like instead of taking the low cost gamble?

I guess you could say that is a wootliemma! Sure you can buy local or in this case maybe a online shoe store with free return shipping, but it’s gonna cost ya!

Darnit…the blue would be the only ones i think i could stand to wear…my size is sold out of course

Puma rarely has anything larger than 11 1/2 available in their Woot offerings.

You can always go to a store for the touchy-feely on the product before making the decision to buy off Woot, or online in general.

shows only size 10 available…wtf?

When buying running shoes, you should always buy a half to full size larger than what you normally wear. (depending on the manufacturer)
Your feet will swell while running and you need the extra room.
A little tip from your runner friend, bmrbill!

Seems Wooters really liked these. They’re already about to sell out. Sorry. :frowning:

Has anyone used these for running? Are they any good?

This was one of the best sells in a while :slight_smile:

Extremely interesting. Thanks!