Puma Men's Voltaic 4 Running Shoes

Very good reviews (4.4 out of 5.0) over at amazon

I was literally about to buy these on Zappos… this is a sign!

More pics, info, and reviews direct from Puma

Twilight blue looks like orange to me. Should see an ophthalmologist?

What distance would these shoes be good to run for? Are we talking these are good for sprinters/at the gym, or training for a 10k?

$39.99 tonight
$79.95 for different colors
$69.98, again different colors
Different colors, $79.99, 2 good reivews
Zappos $80, wider selection colors, but at least they overlap w/here

I wear a size 10 in New Balance, but have never worn Puma before. Anyone know how the sizes run in these shoes?..

This sucks (|). I get the email and my size is already sold out in the colors i want. ::shakes fist

I own several pairs of Puma’s (love them) but they tend to run a bit small and narrow. If you have wide feet, many of their shoes are not going to be comfortable.

I wear a 13 although my shoe size is probably closer to 12.5. The 13 puma’s I own are definitely snug. I’d guess they probably run about 1/2 size small.

That’s the 4M. Here’s the link for the 4: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B009FD2PXI

It is orange . Kind of Denver Broncos orange .

No sir , your eyes are just fine.

Only size 7 left in the white - that didn’t take long…

I was getting ready to jump on this, but my feet are a little larger than smurf-sized. Ah well.

Yeah what the heck… Woot had 8 pairs of shoes to sell or something? Was it even worth the money paid to have the page setup this morning??

Is this shoe for neutral runners, or does it have considerations for overpronators?

I thought it was as well. As a Broncos fan, that’s why I ordered them.

Bought another as well, in yellow. Happy to have gotten in on this deal this time. Missed it (or similar Pumas) last time.