Puma Men's Boxer Briefs, 3 Pack (Mult. Colors)

I bought these the other day at Ross for the same price. I thought they would have more of a compression fit. They don’t. In fact, after only an hour of wear they become very loose around the legs. And I’m not exactly Lou Ferrigno.

I bought these from here recently and have the exact opposite experience. Mine are nice and comfy hugging my legs. I wear them all day and they were the same at the end of the day as when I put them on.

I also bought from Woot last time offered, and bought more this time around. My fancy Jockeys which were much more expensive and much less comfortable are history.

Do these has a crotch opening?

No. You’ll have to hold it.

Has anybody that bought these also bought the Head compression shorts Woot has been selling in past months? Do they fit similarly? (The Head compression shorts, btw, offer no compression, but fit nicely and I like to run in them, which is what I am considering these for.)

I bought a package a while back. The boxers were tight at first then loosened up, but not enough for me to Puma pants.

lol. My kind of humor.

I don’t have experience with the Head compression shorts, but compression shorts in general are far too restrictive for me. I have these Pumas and think they are very comfortable for general use and crossfit workouts. I just ordered 6 more.

Hold what?