Puma Men's Boxer Briefs, 3 Pack (Mult. Colors)

I purchased these from woot about a month ago. I am not a fan, they are far more “Boxer” than “Brief”. I dislike them because walking causes them to ride up and get uncomfortable around my man parts.

I love the puma socks, so I was expecting great things out of these. Sadly, no.


Also I bought these from tj maxx for 8.99… Just saying…

I also purchased these from woot. They feel good and all, but there’s no front flap opening to pull your manhood out to pee.

Ordered these from amazon a while back. They are not very pouchy in the front to provide much support but the material and waistband are comfortable. So far the best undies I’ve ever encountered are the david archy polyamide ones.
Never have encountered the legs riding up issue with these though - it usually happens when they lose elasticity after lots of washes (or you’ve been washing them in hot water instead of cold which really reduces the lifespan of stretchy things) unless you have small or very straight thighs.