Puma Men's Boxer Briefs

Guys these are good undies. They’re comfortable and they hold up well with multiple washings. I don’t let my wife do my laundry, I do it myself and everything goes in together and gets dried on high. These shorts do just fine. All I can say about the sizing is I have a 30/32 inch waist and the small size fits well.

Good to know the small size fits well , but with my extra large package i need the room… giggady

Underpants are sized just like pants - by the waist measurement. So I guess you’re saying you are one of those guys that goes around with pants way too big at the waist hanging down so their butt crack is showing. Nice to not know you.

Yo mane why you hattin fo. Dat is how I be gettin my hoes. BTW thanks for explaining to me how “underpants” are sized as I’ve never worn any before.