Puma Men's Socks

LOOK OUT! There’s a large cat about to eat your toes!

I love Puma socks, but I get 6-packs + free shipping on other sites (Zulily) for this price.

Zulily doesn’t sell apparel for men.

paulmike3 wears girly socks! nah nah nah!!

Oh yes they do.

If they do, it’s well hidden. When you hover over the Shop By Size menu, the choices are: Girls, Boys and Women. When you hover over the Shop by Category menu, the choices are: "girls, boys, women, shoes, baby & materinity, toys & playtime and home.

So, where are the mens apparel?

Before you jump all over me, try doing your own research.

Put PUMA into the search bar and look at what autofills. Not much for sale at the moment, but the placeholders are all there.

“PUMA Women’s & Men’s Apparel”
“PUMA Women’s & Men’s Shoes”
“PUMA Women & Men”

Yup, it was well hidden.

I know you aren’t in control of this site, but why aren’t men’s apparel listed in the main categories? Why is the site specifically titled “Daily Deals for Moms, Babies, and Kids”?

No idea. Maybe they don’t have enough sales on Men’s items to warrant it? I’ve really only seen Men’s PUMA stuff (but then again, I’ve only looked at the PUMA sales when my wife pointed them out to me).