Puma Men's Training Fit Bxr Brfs 6P

Puma Men's Training Fit Bxr Brfs 6P

We might be on lock down but Puma is on the prowl. The rep is open for any questions personal or product.

I have my Courvoisier and I am ready for a 24hr sprint.

Let’s go.

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I realize it’s just one person’s opinion but, after trying “many” different brands, I will only buy PUMA for ever more. They are “by far” the most comfortable and stay in place the best of any. I’ve never been able to deal the inevitable AWOL issue of those with an opening in the pouch. So if you’ve never tried PUMA, I think you’re really missing out.

Wllly. You are the man. Chops.

Question: Is there a size chart showing waist (inches) to label size?
Waist 35 - is that an M or an L. Thanks.

Let me check

M is equal to 32-34

L is equal to 35-37

Sooooo, what’s the difference between athletic fit and training fit?

Features my good person. Training has anti-odor, breathable mesh pouch , and and …and…moisture wicking…

Let’s rock.

The Wooter’s are going nuts for that Puma. Tiger King, what? Who is that crazy cat? Obviously he never invested in Pumas. It might have saved him 22 of something.

What is the waist size for Small

Why are there “Training” underwear, and also “Athletic” underwear? Both mannequins are the same size, and the size charts are identical. Also, this is the first time I’ve seen a male mannequin with a peen, but also a very sizable thigh gap. Are these for my chicken legs, or must I be training or athletic?

You’ve made clothing purchases for men difficult, Puma. How dare you!

30-32 for Small

I am sorry!! Don’t hate me Elbarto!

They are two separate items with similar features with the training having a a few more features. As to the mannequin, I didn’t even notice, but now that you mention it I really didn’t want to notice. :slight_smile:

These are fitted and I am thin myself and wear them all the time. They should wrap around any leg in a fitted shape with no open gaps.

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Ok it is that time Wooters.

Do it Doug!

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