Puma Men's Undershirts

These are decent shirts, though not better than department store prices if you only buy one pack due to shipping.

One problem with them though - a couple washings in, the square red Puma logo comes off, and looks rather unpleasant.

If you’re just going to wear them as undershirts, it shouldn’t matter.

Quality is equal to, if not better than Hanes.

these are terrible shirts! they are too small and continue to shrink. Please stop buying these so woot stops selling crappy shirts!

They sound like it, they aren’t all cotton. They are cotton/poly mixed. :frowning: Quite disappointing.

As a 5’10" skinny guy the Mediums fit me perfectly. I love these shirts for undershirts. They are really light, thin, and comfortable.

Mine haven’t shrunk at all.

If you buy, beware that they run small.

Great shirts, though as someone said they’re not much better than store prices if you only get one pack.

I don’t know that they run “small”, but they’re definitely a more athletic fit. They are cut well and overall put together well. I wear a large across the board, and these in L run more snug than I would normally wear as a tshirt alone. If you want a more casual look I would go with a size larger than normal, but that’s not really what these were designed for.

I don’t mind the fact that they’re a cotton/poly blend. It makes them feel different on your skin, yes, but 100% cotton breathes about as well as a worked up Pug. The added poly combined with the fact that they’re fairly thin Tees makes them great for summer wear or to use as an undershirt.

Puma isn’t listed on this particular site, but if you’re looking for a dedicated opinion on undershirts, this is a good place to start. http://www.undershirtguy.com

None available in black? Sad. I don’t wear white undershirts or anything. Ever.

I got some of these last time they were around. As stated, they are definitely “athletic” fit and run towards the small side. They are light weight, bordering on being thin. Definitely an undershirt undershirt, not a “White-T”. Also, the tagless “tag” can be irritating to the skin until it comes off (after a handful of washes). It’s a vinyl print that sticks to your skin, especially since the shirts are on the small side.

I won’t be buying more, but (now that the collar “tags” are gone on my shirts from going through the washer/dryer) I do not regret my purchase.

The “specs” section in woot said a large is size 41-45. When the package arrived, it stated a large is 40-42. So, too small for me. Bad advertising!