Puma Men's Undershirts

POOma man.

I have about 6 of these (one for each day of the work week, plus extra). They are pretty good, breathe well and are a good fit. But I wouldn’t pay $13 + shipping for them. I bought mine at a Marshalls in a pack of 3 for $9.99.

Can any comment on sizing? How long are these shirts? I’m 6’4 and hate havering my undershirt alway come untucked.

Not long enough. They’re also wide. The only undershirts I’ve ever found that fit right are Hugo Boss from about 5 years ago. They’ve changed the cut since then, so now they’re a lot baggier. Know of any undershirts that are long enough to stay tucked and actually fit close to the body…like an undershirt?

Thanks! You saved me from adding to my pile of short undershirts.

Kirkland brand ones from Costco are good, but they’re a bit thick. They are long enough to stay tucked in (unlike ones I’ve bought from GAP and places like that).

What about sleeve length? The other problem I have with undershirts (besides un-tucking) is the sleeves being as long as a normal shirt so they stick out past the sleeves of my polo shirts that I’m wearing over top of them.

The GAP makes great undershirts that are long enough, fit close to the body and are good quality!

nice undershirts…just dont wash them…or order 2 sizes too large

Gap has nice undershirts that are long and stay close to body


Tommy John. Though they are pricey, best undershirt ever!


Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll check them out. Closest I’ve found to the fit I’m looking for so far is uniqlo, but they’re still not quite there. They definitely have the length, but not quite fitting enough.

These are terrible shirts. Too small. Too short. Not worth purchasing - just get what you normally buy. You can get Polo for 2x the price on sale and they last forever.

Any chance you guys will have an event for pants instead of shirts? I really love Puma and I want 2 Puma Pants.

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POOma man.


Agreed. The one true Puma Man.

These are awesome undershirts. bought 12 of them in v-neck and are so soft and comfortable. I wear them under my scrubs everyday at work. I would highly recommend them. And u dopes wash them in cold they won’t shrink.

great…read the reviews after purchase and only one was favorable.

my question is the thickness, currently i wear fruit of the loom, and they’re somewhat thin. i like to wear white tees as a regular shirt. ya know like the fonz.

would fonzie approve?