Puma Men's Underwear: Under-were

These are great EXCEPT the “tagless” design is worse than having an actual tag! You see that puma logo on the front? Notice how it’s a printed-on rubbery type of substance? Well, inside the back of these undies is a huge “tagless” tag that is printed of the same sticky, rubbery material. As you move about, this tag will stick to you and be uncomfortable. I slept in a pair and they must have gotten twisted a bit because when I awoke, I had a raised, irritated red square on one of my cheeks. This was caused by the sticky tag being stuck to my bum all night.
If you get these, the first thing you should do is try to remove that sticky non-tag. I found that stretching it and washing it a few times made it easier to peel off. It took me awhile to pick and peel off every piece of the non-tag. Now that my pairs are actually tagless, I find them very comfortable.

Any sizing chart available?

Curious about that as well, Amazon only had a generic sizing chart and I cannot seam to locate on the Puma site.

Whoops. We’re getting the size chart added to the sales’ specs now. Check back in just a couple minutes.

My hubby loves these and the specs show that they come in 2XL, but none of the sets have that size. Too bad. Maybe next time.

I bought 4 packages of 3 about 4 months ago and they all quit on me (the elastic band became worthless). Woot.com’s been great about everything, but I have to warn you about this underwear. Only buy if you expect to gain about 4-6" in your waistline in the coming months.

Special Note: Products may or may not result in the ability to fly like a moron.

I bought a bunch of these packs last year when Macy’s had a similar clearance price. They all held up well, though the little rubbery Puma eventually wears off. The solid grey ones fit much better than any others. The leg openings stay snug where the other colors tend to stretch out by the end of the day. I’d buy the grey packs again.

Too much info, fella.

Actually it’s just the right amount. I almost bought them but I don’t sleep commando so this info saved me from a mistake.

Nope, they likely won’t be available in that size next time. I’ve seen them featured 3 or 4 times in the last year or so and they never offer the 2XL. Far too often (considering how much I enjoy finding deals on Woot!) anything over an XL is between scarce to non-existent here. God forbid you’re looking for 3XL (which is what I wear in a coats/outerwear).

Sharing is caring! They’re great if you can spare 10 minutes to peel the “tagless” tag off.

Came here to say this exact same thing. It’s really, really bothersome.

Just wanted to mention that these things are BIG. My husband wears a large in everything, and these are so big that I (I’m, um, just a little larger than him) wear them as lounge shorts around the house. I personally don’t see how anyone could wear these as actual underwear, but to each his own. Just know that from what I’ve seen, they are pretty big and stretchy.

I must agree. Last time these came around, I was excited, but once again, the Mediums disappeared immediately. Since I can sometimes go between M & L, I went ahead and ordered some L. Holy crap… it’s like clown pants. I would definitely size down if you are on a border.

I’ve been happy with mine from the offering three months ago. Waistbands are still trucking on, though I can’t say the same for the “tagless” tags.

Smalls with size 30 waist. A little too snug, but thems the briefs.

You are 100% correct sir. They are nice and soft, fit well and even apply a tramp stamp if you are lucky!

Get the tag off and you will be good to go.