Puma Osu Canvas Men's Shoes (3 Colors)

Here are some good reviews on the Blue/Red combo

Video overview from Zappos

Hey all. Those other Pumas went pretty dang fast. Here’s some more that we hope you like as well.

These shoes look like they belong with Tony the Tiger on a box of Frosted Flakes.

Check out this video, from [6pm.com](Check out this video on 6pm.com! http://www.6pm.com/product/8261102/color/402886)

Two perfect reviews on a Gray version over at macys.com

I have a question about sizing. I normally wear a 11 1/2 shoe but my feet are also pretty wide so my actual size varies between different manufacturers.

So, if I were to order these which size should I get? (taking into account wide feet and things)


Let’s watch this overview of a different color model [youtube=pUmiuSyrxsY][/youtube]

I would go with a 12. Not b/c of the “wide” issue, but b/c it’s always better to go up a 1/2 size than down. Keep in mind these aren’t made for wide feet (but the slip-on aspect, 1/2 size increase, plus the adjustable strap should help a bit). Your call.

Solid reviews (4.1 out of 5.0) over at puma.com

From a customer on their site:

“The shape of this shoe looks great before you try and put your normal sized foot in it. I feel like it was a disappointing purchase… Buy wide unless you have a super narrow foot. You’ve been warned.”

I’ve had 3 pairs of these other the course of the last 8 years. The most comfortable shoes I have ever tried on or worn. Not really impressed by the deal IMHO or the selection of colors. Found a similar color over at Macy’s for about he same price. Visit Macy’s

I too have the same problem with shoes and the different manufactures but I found that since I wear a size 11 men’s in everything else but a size 12 men’s in all my PUMA’s (Cart-cat, Osu Canvas, and Ferrari).
Hope that helps!

Thanks for the advice folks! :smiley:

What a horrible color combinations.

I’ve given up on shopping at Macy’s, and they drive me up the wall as much as Worst Buy. The shoe on sale is “Malibu Blue/Black”, but the shoe pictured is grey with yellow details. The other Puma Osu, which is regular price, is properly labeled - and only has 2 sizes available. Why not just put both on sale, and get the colors right?

yeah the Macy’s photo of the grey color I wanted almost fooled me. Zappos.com has a grey & light blue option available for $55: http://www.zappos.com/puma-osu#!/puma-osu-men-shoes/CK_XAcABAuICAgEY.zso?t=puma+osu

I’d buy these in a heartbeat if all of the color combinations weren’t so difficult to look at. Some good reviews out there, as others have pointed out, and they look nice in grey and black. But wow…these are some interesting color choices.

how much do they weigh?

Zappos states 10oz for these bad boys. Hope that helps!