Puma Volume Tech Boxer Briefs 6-Pack

Are these 3 inch or 6 inch inseam

This would be a great deal - except for the fact that these underwear have no fly. Yep, you’ll be reliving your childhood as you fumble with the fly of your pants at the urinal and realize that you need to undo your belt and pants to relieve yourself.

In my decades of wearing boxer briefs, I’ve used the fly maybe three times. I prefer ones without the fly actually. Just hook the waistband with your thumb and pull down. It’s not difficult.

Makes me wonder how humanity has survived this long.

These are listed as “volume tech”. Are these for particularly well-endowed gentlemen who need extra space in a specific area?

As someone who wears a suit, I use the fly every single day. I cannot imagine boxer shorts without a fly.

Suit is irrelevant. I do the same whether in pajamas, suit, rain pants, or a tuxedo.

Bought a three pack (with no fly) a while ago and am happy with them. In my opinion having no fly is irrelevant.

How long are the legs? 3" or 6"

Myself also…are these 3’’ or 6’’
seams ? ? ?