Puma Watches for the Masses

Does this come with the heart monitor strap?

I’ve owned 3 Puma watches over just as many years. They look great, but the functionality and quality are terrible! It’s clearly a result of company designers leaving the internals design to China. None of the 3 lasted beyond 6 months (I take excellent care of my things), and I kept thinking, “oh that must have been a one-off issue. I’ll just buy another Puma and it will be better.” Their warranty policy is equally poor via a 3rd party out of NYC.

Just my 2 cents…menus/functionality terribly designed on their digital watches, poor craftsmanship on their analog watches. If you’re in it for looks and don’t need to actually use the watch, this is a good fit. If you need reliable functionality (lap splits, accurate time, etc), look near anywhere else.