Puma Watches



Who’s got a Puma watch they’d like to brag about?


I went on a Puma Watch a couple of years ago, and it was pretty cool. But I prefer the Whale Watch, it’s more of a party atmosphere.


I wish watchmakers would make awesome analog watches like these in not-dinner plate size; we ladies want some sweet hardware too!

Yes, I know there are ladies watches available, but they are digital. and plastic. and not awesome at all. sigh.


Interesting, considering I was just going to comment that the men’s watches run for +$50 over the women’s. Where is the men’s economy version? Woot will never make us all happy.


Luv to byte for one Puma timepiece. However, I’m $185 poorer this week for an ESQ by Movado Men’s Beacon via Ashford…


…so I’ll pass, definito.


I was excited about watch #2 until I found it cheaper on Amazon:


That’s a $16 difference when you factor in shipping - and I would get it sooner with Prime.

Which also leads to the next question - why doesn’t Woot honor Amazon Prime yet? I, for one, would shop here more often if you did.