Pumpkin Day of the Dead

Awesome…sensing a theme and some incipient mashed potato cravings.

This is an oddly beautiful shirt.

I was wondering why the strong resemblance to See No Evil.

It’s the same artist. :slight_smile:

I wonder what foxy goods will appear today. :3


Don’t forget to order 2 - one for before dinner and one for after.

I’m sure there will be more than one.

Drum roll, please…

TobiasAmaranth, did you notice the sale of What are Those Foxes Saying? on t-shirt for $12 and Hoodie for $18, on Woot’s main site?

check out side sale items on woot.

Dammit! I’m soooo bummed I missed this one!!!

arrrrrrgh!!! >>>:-(

If someone helps me get one, I can make a pretty mean pumpkin cheesecake…

just sayin’