Pumpkin Plus

Oh I see, it’s a pun’kin theme.

I would buy a long sleeve tee (or a v-neck, or a hoodie) if it came in women’s sizes or unisex x-small. I like this pi design, but not enough to buy yet another short sleeve, or something that doesn’t fit.

I wish the aprons were in brown, too. :frowning:

if i were Johnny Cupcakes i’d be a little upset with the “Pie Right” design

Jolly Roger parodies are nothing new.

I like the pi one, but for some reason Woot likes to place these kind of designs high up on the shirt and it makes my boobs look low down on the shirt. Learned my lesson with the Bazinga shirt.

Now this is the way to do it…every pattern offered on every shirt/apron/tote available. Nicely done!!!

Sales tax on shirts purchased in PA = FAIL.

Woot: There is no sales tax on clothing here.

yeah, we’re ironing that out.
did you already purchase? if so, email service@woot.com and let them know that happened so they can rectify it.

i’ll forward this post along to them as well.

Easiest recipe, and also the tastiest.

Make more “Pumpkin Pie” shirts!
I want one!!!

OK, Thanksgiving has NOT come and gone, so why are the pie shirts gone? MAKE MORE, PLEASE…

Mother has spoken