Pumpkin Punchers - Pumpkin Carving Kit

This has got to be the best response I have ever seen on Woot

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I grew up in NYC and I grew up with pumpkins - as a kid I had never seen a pumpkin patch as put pumpkins were delivered on a pumpkin boat and when I was on my early 20’s I moved to the Midwest and was in awe my 1st time at a pumpkin patch. It is 25 years later and standing in a spot with only pumpkins as far as the eye can see is still one of my favorite things to do.

Also, we went to the zoo all the time and they would give the animals :jack_o_lantern:

You really have never touched a pumpkin or seen one irl? I highly encourage it.

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Ugh, my ex-husband, could not stand touching pumpkin guts - he would clean them out with a spoon - me I scooped guts out with both hands - huh, another reason we are divorced


I’ve seen a few in recent years.

Not up close.

Having the option is great as long as it’s regulated for public safety. We are a nation of freedom through law and order.

Ice cream scoops FTW!

Hands are great for the pulp, but sometimes you’ve got to thin the walls of the pumpkin and the ice cream scoop gives you the right bite and leverage.


Pumpkins sound complicated.

Yep. We’re free to do what we’re told to do.


You’re free to do what you want as long as it doesn’t endanger or harm others. Thanks to our laws and regulations for striking that balance.



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I was dubious about these but also saw all the good reviews on Amazon… glad you all are here to help me maintain my skepticism (and sense of humor).


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It sounds like it’s a drywall saw. If not that would probably work just as well.

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I think he meant these. The drywall knife would be OK for basic shapes and top access, but its too wide for details.

The ones they include in those stencil kits are very thin and break easy.

Here are some of the incredible pumpkin carvings from the Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular


6 Flags used to have awesome Fright Nights with pumpkin carvers and hypnotists, ghouls, etc and it was family friendly. Several years ago they went to an extreme fright night, where it is family friendly until 5 pm and then after that, anything goes - if you are in the park after 5 you agree to have the crap scared out of you - not enjoyable for me, but for others, sure, I suppose

My daughter worked there while she was in high school and we went during the day and watched a bunch of people see who could spend the longest amount of time in coffins (they were coffin shaped wood boxes). They got to keep the coffin, with or lose.

One had plans to use it at her wedding, another for bookshelves, no idea who won, we weren’t invested in it, just swung by to see how it was all playing out.

Definitely needs to be done full auto. Why else have the 75 rd drum that are a pain to load?

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Has anyone else purchased this set through Woot? Did you receive the 31 piece set or the 24 piece version? My order was received very quickly, but it was the 24 piece version. I let Woot know, and was instantly sent a replacement, but that also ended up being the 24 piece version. I am not sure if Woot was originally intending on getting rid of the old 31 piece stock and felt the 24 piece “Version 2.0” set was an upgrade to fill out remaining orders or what, but I was hoping to have the extra shapes to play with. I am also not sure what improvements Version 2.0 supposedly has over the original set.

Hi there. We pulled these from Amazon inventory. Looks like the SKU/ASIN was updated at some point instead of creating a new one. Fun times.

I’m asking the team & CS about it here. Go ahead and get in touch with CS again.