Pumpkin Spice Must Flow



Dune!!! Logo take is a great mashup of the two…


Now this is one tasty shirt.


This is kind of the most brilliant mashup ever.


Okay, now it’s getting a little ridiculous. Two asphalt shirts in a row, yet still no asphalt shirts available for on-demand printing.

I’ve been checking daily for weeks. :frowning:


I remember Posh, Baby, Scary, Ginger and Sporty Spice. Which one was Pumpkin?


Not as cool as my Thailand (doesn’t care about copyrights) shirt about StarWars Coffee, but this is pretty awesome nonetheless.


Omg omg omg! Giggle giggle. Grabby hands. 'Nuf said


Or if you prefer it said like our British friends “brilliant, just brilliant”!


The spice was used to navigate their ships across space.
So pumpkin spice…Cinderella finds her way to the ball?
Oh, and next time I shove my hand into a lit Jackolantern, I’ll just remember: Fear is the mind Killer. I’ll sure to fear doing it twice.


Is that a solid blob of ink that is going to make my chest sweet out the pumpkin latte I just drank or is it breathable?




pretty sure the horse has been beaten to death a million times over now. we get it… its autumn.




I did a Starbucks Logo/Battlestar Galactica “Starbuck” derby entry once that got Rejected … booooo… boooo…

actually I don’t really care but since everyone is pitchforking Woot! today and every day… Booooo


The white and green areas of print will have an underbase; the black areas do not, so it’s breathable there.


The blessing of Chai Hulud.


And after you finish it you should treat yourself to some Muad’Dib-n-Dots. Bubblegum-jibbar and fremint in a Hark-cone-n. Then go ride the sardaukarousel.


Beer is the mind killer!