Pumpkin Time!

Cute is the new scary!

Now to see if the design manages to sell at least 1151 shirts. :open_mouth:

Yep. Had this pegged as the probable #1. The acme of adorable, very well timed. Even with the fangs, you just kinda want to hug it.

Love the colors and very cute. Add another patrickspens shirt to my collection. :slight_smile:

Yay! Votes! This makes me happy. Also this was my favorite shirt in the derby. The bat’s little adorable face, squishes it.

Real life bats should be this cute.

Aren’t they?

I agree after having to get one out of my apartment all by my terrified little lonesome!

I’m so glad this one won! It was my favorite in the derby! So cute and well rendered. :slight_smile:

The votes of the women and children clearly beat the nerds on this one. Ah well, if Cute is What We Aim For, I’d agree this shirt is the winner. Also, tis the season!

A win with this many votes reminds me of olden days. A time before time, a place in a galaxy far, far away. In Gallifrey. Where’d you expect me to go with that one?

Super cute, congrats

I know the rule that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day. Can you wear this after Veteran’s Day?

I think they are:)
It is really cute but I prefer “Toil and Trouble” for me, naturally;)

I really really wish there was another color choice other than brown…

Congrats Patrick, I’m really happy to see this one up there.

Huzzah. This design won. Congrats dude. You deserve it.

The flying fox fruit bats are pretty adorable.

I so wish they had this as a onesie or toddler tee.

Excellent winner of a crazy derby! Spooky shirts represent!