Puns & Wordplay



On the one hand, I’d love to get some of these for my more punny friends.

On the other hand, encouraging their incessant punnery is likely to result in homicide.


Is the Resist design just a pun for resistors or is there something else I’m missing? Thinking of ordering it and am not looking to get stopped on the street because someone’s a fan of something I haven’t a clue about.


What? Only a few of them are available as hoodies. I would have loved to add Pandemonium as a hoodie to go with my Pandemonium tshirt.


willing to buy 3 sweaters of the Pandemonium :frowning: I have no idea how to contact @no1 directly… hope he sees this!


I believe when I originally designed the shirt the description was “Join the resistance!”, it was meant to be sort of a revolution, stick it to the man pun.


Punishment enough, really.

Forgive me, Woot, for I have punned.


Siamese fighting fish. I just can’t get past it.


I wish they would put these images in a calendar. I’d love to have these at my work desk – it isn’t appropriate to wear t-shirts to my office.


unfortunately i have no control over what woot prints! (or perhaps “fortunately” from every1 else’s perspective)

you could try a séance! but thanks for the thought. and thanks to woot for printing the design again!


Please make short sleeved versions of these, I dont understand why you dont always do that.

Specifically the RESIST one.


Wear Pandamonium to Giants vs Mariners game.


uhhh, they most likely have before.


I’d love to get the Navy Seals one in a long sleeve tee.


I was expecting a teerible sale, easy to resist, but as I craned my head over the screen, I saw seal team three having a kiwi just before pandemonium broke out when the japanese fish started fighting over the swiss cheese. If the emperor has his way, there’ll be mug shots for all these cursers.*

*I gnowm I forgot the metrosexuals, err, metrognostics, but sew watt?


I dunno what that Gnome is wearing but it looks more ‘Retro’ than Metro.


Are the “Puns & Wordplay” shirts digitally printed or screened?

I bought one of the pandemonium shirts earlier and with the digital printing it was difficult to see the black design aspects.


Screened - and email support @ woot.com if you have concerns about the quality of the DTG print. (You should get an autoreply within a few hours with a ticket number; if not, your email got eaten in woot’s Hungry, Hungry Spam Filter.)


Happy dance of joy for Pandamonium and Mug Shot! (…of course, this was before the ‘reprint on demand’ option was back). They’re due to arrive today… can’t wait to get 'em!